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NC Kid Expo sees over 3,000 in attendance

Last weekend the NC Kid Expo saw more than 3,000 people in attendance, and Southeast Montessori Collective was on site at the 'glass classroom' to give visiting children a hands on experience of a variety of donated Montessori materials while answering their parents' questions on how to find a quality Montessori school in their area, what to look for in a Montessori program, child development questions and much more.  Each visiting parent received the Montessori school guide with your program listed on it, and they were encouraged to tell their friends and family living in other areas of North Carolina of the schools in their respective regions.

A special thanks to sponsor Rising Innovator and to Queen City Montessori, Country Day Montessori and Renaissance Montessori for their added assistance in this event. SEMC aims to participate in this event next year as well, which should see an even higher attendance.

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